Some of my services.
Always trying to serve clients more than they expect.

Digital Design

From television commercials to your complete coporate identity, I can design everything you need to reach your target audience.

Online Marketing

I do social media design, marketing and consulting in order to gain more internet traffic.

Product Design

As from 2017, I will also be accepting product design projects. Whether you are looking for a simple solution or an entire product, I will be happy to help.



The first phase is getting to know the client in order to get a better understanding of needs and what experience we want to achieve.


During the second phase I start iterating to explore all possible solutions.


In this phase I will present the best concepts and discuss these with the client. We will analyze what has to change in order to meet the goals and requirements.


The improvements based on phase 3 are implemented and tested until the desired result is achieved.


After testing a prototype with an unbiased group of test users, we can conclude whether the design is successful. If this is not the case we go back to phase 3.


If the design meets all goals and requirements, we will determine a production and marketing strategy depending on the type of product.

I am currently waiting for your next project, contact me.